Monday, November 23, 2015 (Russian oil scam)

For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read and  (Russian oil scam)
Head Office
197760, Saint Petersburg,
Kronstadt STREET Posad, 5 liter A
image+7 (499) 341-0479
+7 (925) 886-4469
Rotterdam Office
Galvanistraat, 3029 AD Rotterdam, Netherlands
Tel: +31 (6) 1756 9341
Vessels of the company are used for transportation of oil products in ports of Far East region and for bunkering of transport and fishing fleet at open sea.
Tug boats "Vasiliy Kirillov" and "Cyclone" are also used in towing and mooring operations in ports of Vanino and Sovetskaya Gavan.
"Trans-volgotanker Shipping Company Ltd." is certificated on conformity to the ISM code, there are licences on each kind of activity of company, including a provision of employment of the Russian seamen under a foreign flags. All ships are registered under Russian flag and employs Russian crewmembers only.
For bunkering of transport and trade vessels with fuel and lubricants in ports of Khabarovskiy and Primorskiy regions the company is using port bunkering vessels "SLV-310", “Kalan”, oil tankers "Fateevo", "Dalnegorsk", "Filatovo", "Kio Maru-15" and "Carnival" with total deadweight of around 11000 tons, all vessels purchased or were taken in long term bareboat charter during 2003 - 2010 period. Oil tanker "Fateevo" mostly is bunkering merchant and fishing vessels in Russian Pacific.

The above text was copied from this company

What they call their "tank farm" is nothing more than a stock image

7499 Russian phone numbers are available as a VoIP forwarding number and regularly used by scammers. The other Russian and Netherlands numbers are anonymous mobile phones.

Fake Wikipedia articles such as are getting more commonly used in Russian oil scams.

This is the real company and their real land line phone numbers,
Volzhski Oil Shipping Company (Volgotanker) is a holding company operating through its subsidiaries. The company transports oil and petroleum products on the inland waterway system. Volgotanker also offers fleet servicing, shipbuilding and ship repair services. Volgotanker is based in Samara, Russia.
105 M.Gorky Street
Samara,  442099
Phone: 8462 398310
Fax: 8462 333291

their domain has apparently been abandon some time ago, the company is apparently under liquidation:
Name of Joint Stock Company "Volga Shipping Company oil tanker" Volgotanker "
The abbreviated name of "Volgotanker"
Address 443099, Samara Oblast, the Volga Region, city of Samara, Maxim Gorky Street, 105 ,,
Phone (8462) 398310
Fax (8462)
Site Internet
TIN 6317019185
OKPO 03144917
BIN 1026301414941
The authorized capital of [thousand rubles]
Status of legal entity is under liquidation

This confirms it:
2008 March 4 14:32
Court adjudges Volgotanker to be a bankrupt
person:        Private Person
registrar:     RU-CENTER-RU
created:       2014.11.10
paid-till:     2016.11.10
free-date:     2016.12.11
source:        TCI

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