Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Al Yasmeen Pvt Yacht Company / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam!  Read www.scam-job-emails.tk

From: Al Yasmeen Duncan alyasmeen.duncan@gmail.com
Date: Tue, Mar 31, 2015 at 1:46 PM
Subject: Re: Job Employment Vacancy in Bahrain

Thank you for your response.

Company Profile:

Al Yasmeen Pvt Yacht Company,  founded 1989 and re-established more
than 2 years ago, the group with the new image and 4 Showrooms in New
Zealand and Philippines, a service centre and manufacturing facility,
a network of dealers not only in the Gulf but in Europe, Africa,
Australasia and the Caribbean Islands.

Al Yasmeen Pvt Yacht Company comprising Al Yasmeen Craft Factory, Sea
Sports Marine Centre, Al Yasmeen Service Centre and Al Yasmeen Diving
School, is one of the pioneers in the marine products industry in the
GCC as the premier builders of state-of-the-art commercial,
sport-fishing, pleasure and special purpose military/patrol boats and


 Al Yasmeen Pvt Yacht Company not only caters to the wide range of
boat lovers and users all over the globe, but are distributors of
world-class marine products, spare parts and accessories including;
Beuchat, Cressi-Sub, Garmin, Jobe Sports, Kohler Power Systems, Koshin
LTD., and both Mercury Marine & Suzuki Marine Engines. Also, Al
Yasmeen Pvt Yacht Company are suppliers of many international top
brands such as; Jensen, Marlin, Jabsco, Halco, Z-Guard, to name a few.
 Whether you are dreaming of your first boat or are already an
experienced boater, our range of craft and marine products cater for
everybody - from the professional fisherman to the pleasure seeker -
When Boating Becomes Your Lifestyle

Job Description in Details:

Al Yasmeen Duncan Yacht Building Private company is a (2) years yacht
building company owned by me, which started with 5 Yacht Builders from
different region, presently we have 15 Yacht builder who are in charge
of building the yacht, as currently we are having a lot of offers from
international companies who sell them to individual purchasers as we
only deal with companies and sometimes individuals make their orders
and within the duration of 45 days, the yacht will be ready to be shipped back, the
government of Bahrain has not yet given full approval for us to make
business transaction with the international company, which is the
reason why we have not expanded the business yet.

Salary Details.

Per Month: 4320 Bahrain Dinar

Per Week: 100 Bahrain Dinar

Work Starts at - 9:00 Am and Close 6:00 P.m - 1 Hour Break will be given daily. ( Mon-Sat )

Contract last only for (4) Years

Job Responsibilities & Benefits:

We are now looking for a foreign employee outside Bahrain who will be in charge of the Yacht industry, supervising the yacht builders, making sure all orders placed locally and internationally are well
recorded, making sure all income tally with the receipt issued or record given daily,
supervising the builders, organizing them and create the act of discipline, we have job seekers here but it is not a good idea to employ a Bahrain citizen as the head or controller of a company due to many faults in the past with other companies, if you are capable and ready to join the company and
serve the company with the duration of your contracted employment agreement which could also be extended if their is a high performance presented by you, the company will also lay a good sample and give the spirit of hard working and honesty for that they wont be any delay in Salary payment, Accommodation for the duration of your work will be taken care by the company including feeding, if agreed that you shall be responsible for your visa processing expenses with the immigration
officer which will be recommended to you for your process, we shall take full responsibility
of your Air Ticket, the reason why our agreement is strict is due to some employees who has used the opportunity of company sponsor to get into the country without heading to their designated employment location, if we find a worthy employee who is ready to take this responsibility, we
give guarantee of no problem in their immigration process and a reimbursement will be given after 30 days of resumption, If agreed with the above stated formalities.

Forward a copy of your international passport and a copy of your
passport photograph to further with your working formalities.

My Pleasure,

Al Yasmeen Duncan.
Tel : +97316196202

On Mon,  
> On Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 10:29 AM, Al Yasmeen Duncan
> <alyasmeen.duncan@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I'm Yasmeen Duncan who is a half citizen of Switzerland and originally born
> > in Bahrain and served the Bahrain military and retired as a Major, now im
> > into building of yacht and distributing built yacht to the local &
> > international yacht company, as present i have 15 yacht builders from
> > different countries who i believe they are needed for this because of
> > international communication and also language barrier, i am in need of a
> > yacht supervisor, who can supervise the Yacht industry for me which i do not
> > want from Bahrain, i'm ready to give this position to a non Bahrain citizen
> > due to many issues, i shall offer a monthly salary of 4320 Bahrain dinar
> > along with 100 Bahrain dinar as weekly expenses income given weekly as
> > weekly allowance and you shall be given free accommodation and feeding and
> > also 35 days paid vacation yearly.
> >
> > Interested Candidate should forward their CV to:
> > alyasmeen.duncan@outlook.com
> >
> > My Pleasure,
> >
> > Al Yasmeen Duncan.
> > Www.alyasmeenyatchbuilders.cn.pn
> > Tel : +97316196202

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