Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reidar Armar / International Commercial Bank Of Ghana

Originating IP:, Ghana Telecom ADSL DYNAMIC ADDRESS EXPANDED POOL2, Accra North, Ghana
From: "Mr. Reidar Armah"
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 12:35:19 +0000

From Mr.Reidar Armar
The Branch Manager,
International Commercial Bank Of Ghana
Kumasi Branch Office.

Hello Dear.

Thank you for your response to the business proposal which I sent to you, I deliberately sent the proposal to you and I want you to know that this business is 100 percent legal and there is no risk involved in it, you don't have be afraid of any thing at all, huge amounts of money that are more bigger than this goes out and comes into Ghana every day, so don't panic just follow my instructions and within three or four working days this money will be transferred into your personal bank account in your country and I will come to your country for us to share it accordingly, I want to assure you that I will provide all the necessary documents that will be needed in the course of this money transfer and 35 percent of the total money will be yours for your help and cooperation.

I appreciate your interest and willingness to help me actualize this transaction. I want you to know that this is going to be a bank-to-bank transfer from my banks head office in Accra Ghana my head office will make the transfer to your local account in your country, I also want you to know that the management of my bank must not know that I'm involved in this transaction. I contacted you so that we can work together in oneness and with your full co-operation this money will be released in your name as if you came down here in Ghana and made the deposit by your self here in my bank.

I'm a God fearing man and I'm a Christian, be assured that there is not going to be any problem regarding this transaction. I will never let you get into any problem and I believe you will not put me into any problem as well. We are only doing this to help our selves and our family to get better financially. To clarify you more on the source of the fund, this money is an excess profit that was made here in my own branch of the bank for the year 2009 at the closing balance of my banks financial report auditing plus about 17 years unclaimed funds, and the government have set up a team which they are using to fish out this types of funds and confiscate it, so we must be as fast as possible in this business.

I have kept this fund in an escrow coded account until this time. Since there was not any trace about the owner of this fund, I have now made up my mind to transfer this money out of Ghana for our own benefit, having packaged this transaction in a professional way to benefit both of us, I will guide you on how to make this claim, if you like to come to Ghana, I will provide visa for you to come for us to claim this money peacefully, but if you can not come I will direct you on how you can stay in your country and write emails to my banks head office and also call them on telephone and they will transfer this money to your bank account in your country.

I only need your assistance to stand as the owner of this money, if you follow my instructions this money will be transferred into your provided bank account any where in this world, all I require from you is honesty and good co-operation as the fund would be transferred telegraphically from our Banks Corporate Head office in Accra Ghana.

I will further require your below information to make you the owner the fund please.
1) Home And Office Address,
2) Occupation,
3) Full Name,
4) Age,
5) Telephone Number,
6) And Your Country Of Origin.

Your above informations will be entered into our banks customer informations database storage system from my own branch here as a foreign investor and owner of the deposited fund in my branch.

I will guide you on how to apply for the release and transfer of this fund from my bank's corporate Head office and be transferred to your receiving bank account in your country, as soon as I received your above information and after I have entered it on our network banking systems, I will send to you a back-dated deposit slip that I will prepared on your name because my head office might request for such paper from you as proof that you deposited your money in our bank.

After the successful transfer of the fund, I will start travel arrangement to meet you in your country, or any country where you want us to meet for the sharing of this money according to already mapped out percentages. I will expect to receive the above information as soon as possible.

Send me your telephone number to me so that I can call you and we can have more easier communication among us. This is my, private telephone number: +233 260790220,

Yours Sincerely,
Mr.Reidar Armar.

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