Monday, January 10, 2011

Roland Ejiro personal assistant to Chief.James o. Ibori

Originating IP:, Cobranet Limited, Lagos, Nigeria
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 19:08:20 +0900 (JST)
From: "Mr. Roland Ejiro"

I am Roland Ejiro personal assistant to Chief.James o. Ibori, based on my current conversational status with my boss

(Chief. James O. Ibori) former delta State Governor,I've been advised to proceed with you, and get some clarifications about investment in your country. Before I give out the information that will enable you access the

funds, I would need some information from you to enable me contact the finance to revalidate the funds on your names as the beneficiary and change of Ownership making you the new heir to the funds:

1. Your full name and complete address
2. Your mobile/telephone/fax number and any of your identity
3. Your date of birth
4. Your private email address which is secured and accessible by only you
5. Your marital status
6. Do you own your business alone or in a partnership with someone (if yes how many of you that is involve in your
7. Will you/your company be able to receive the said amount of US$13MILLION .

Please read again the situations of my Boss...

All the answers will be kept very confidential. I will explain why I am asking these questions: If you do have existing profile problems, we may end up inheriting your backlog thus creating a problem where none exist. I intend to liquidate a large investment (worth $13 million USD) of my Boss's (Chief James O. Ibori) funds in my care with a Finance Firm abroad which i will disclose to you when we proceed, and take the capital app. derivative to provide a new investment fund for him and ourself before he comes out from his problems, under your management for this investment project, thus negating any requirements for taxation or declaration of process for income generation.

However, if you do have issues prior to this, it puts anything you do in the light, and thus puts me in an uncomfortable situation as the person incharge. As you see, my boss (Chief James O. Ibori) assets are frozen in Switzerland, and while he have excess of his USD$5Billion lying there, he is unable to liquidate them, or use them as guarantee.

The funds being liquidated arise from independent investments of my Boss (Chief James O. Ibori) conglomerate outside the African soil, so we can legitimately do so, only if this is done quietly. If the authorities hear about this, I and my Boss (Chief James O. Ibori) shall have to tender it for hearing before the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), and that will cripple me and my Boss. let me know that I am comfortable with you.

I am trying to ensure that you do not put me and my Boss in any trouble, and likewise, I shall provide you with an input as an entity with no history to the investment.

As soon as I get the necessary information above, I will immediately instruct the finance firm to revalidate the funds ( US$13 MILLION ) in your favor for collection by you as the beneficiary of the funds and enable you proceed with the investment project.

While this process is going on, I will be making preparations to meet with you in your country of residence as soon as the problem of my Boss slow down to enable us discuss in details on the modalities of the investment project.

Thanks for your cooperation. I look to hear from you, whenever you gain the opportunity.

Thanks and God bless you.

Roland Ejiro

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